Flavours Tea & Spices
Our objective is to offer premium teas through a variety of specialty invoices and blends from our Tea Marketing Division of India to the entire World. Passionately serve our customers with the highest quality and safest products from family of farmers of India.

We are located in the Nilgiri hills of South India, were abundant tea grows, A superb leaf from the Nilgiri region which produces a tea that is as sweet and mellow, fruity and aromatic as the best Sri Lankaan teas.

We have 22 years experience in tea field where we know the Cultivation and Manufacturing techniques. We are dealing with Orthodox manufactured and CTC manufactured teas. We are collecting tea directly from the gardens.Very recently we have joined hands with Organic Tea farms across south India, those who are having ISO, IMO, TUV and Fair-trade Certificates. These Organic Black Tea and Green Teas are available for Domestic purpose and for exporting.

Tea Blends

We have our own CTC blends under the brand “SHA GOLD”. It is very popular for Hotels as well as home. It is a garden blend of High grown teas from Nilgiris, High Range Teas of Kerala,and Assam. Our premium teas are available under the vintage series. These teas are blended and each has its own unique flavor and aroma which can only be realized if consumed. Each blend has its own unique signature taste.